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Greenfield & Pulloxhill Academy

Nurture Inspire Flourish


Pulloxhill Road, Greenfield, Bedfordshire MK45 5ES



Welcome to the Kestrels and Kites

Year 3 & 4 at Pulloxhill


Kestrels and Kites is a Year 3 and Year 4 combined class at Pulloxhill.  We are the eldest children in the school and we take on various responsibilities. This can include setting up the hall for assembly, organising the music and hymns and ensuring the school library is organised.  Kestrels and Kites also take lead roles in the Student council and Eco-Committees. 

Kestrels and Kites endeavour to be great role models for the rest of the school and strive to live the British and school values, in school and at home.  

During the academic year, we work hard and continue to build on the skills we have learnt in EYFS and KS1.  A key focus in KS2 is building on our vocabulary and grammar understanding. We continue to build on what we know and develop our knowledge and understanding through supporting and helping each other.   Where possible we aim to enrich the children's education with a wide range of activities off site. 

Homework in Kestrels and Kites is a weekly Learning Log consisting of two tasks. Children are asked to practise some of the skills they have learnt in school and research new topics. Practise our spellings for a weekly test. Additionally, children need to read daily and quiz when they have completed a book to demonstrate their understanding and reading comprehension.

We are lucky to have the opportunity to learn a class instrument lead by Inspiring Music. We are learning the J Sax in this academic year.

We are also extremely lucky to have our PE lessons lead by Premier Sport. Our PE lessons are on a Tuesday and a Friday each week. 

We have strong links with Arnold Academy and work closely with them. We prepare the children in Year 4 to ensure a smooth and happy transition. We endeavour to become independent, responsible and confident learners to ensure we are ready for our next schools.

Class Teacher - Ms Redwood-Worthy

Computing taught by Mrs Mafoh and PE taught by Mr Cooksley (Tuesday) and Mr Norman (Friday)

  Kestrels and Kites Weekly Timetable

Autumn 1 Curriculum News


Autumn Term 2021

I am really looking forward to welcoming you all into Kestrels and Kites class of 2021-2022, see you on Monday the 6th September!

We will be starting the year creating some awesome displays including, British Values, The Mustard Seed and a Reading display. This will allow the children to settle and get to know their new class mates, as well as deal with any concerns or worries if they arise. The children will have time to ask questions and get use to the daily routines of Year 3 and 4.  

We will be continuing to focus on well-being and mental health in school through the Jigsaw Programme, Casey Caterpillar, School Values and British Values Education, celebration assemblies which are all embedded within the curriculum. 

Topics specific to this term included; How the United Kingdom is made up and discovering if Flitwick is a town or a village, working scientifically and discovering whether a flame is alive and if sand is classified as a rock, the Stone Age to Iron Age era and the significance of Stonehenge, seasonality of vegetables and how to make healthy foods, the study pf pointillism and the artist Seurat in particular, state are name and age in French, count from 0 to 10 and learn some basic classroom instructions. increase are stamina, tactical skills and ability to use our bodies to enhance our sporting ability and goals.  

I would also like to invite you to send in or email any additional photographs of out of school achievements, these do not need to just be sporting activities, so we can celebrate, share and display them in school. We already have a PE board in the corridor and I have introduced a classroom display board to display our  achievements in the classroom. 

I would like to finish with the first 'Thank You' in advance of all your hard work and support.


Summer Term 2021

This half term we have started to look at the Rainforest and in particular the devastation of 'deforestation'. We are investigating why the forest is being cut down and how we can all make small changes in our lives to reduce the impact it has on the Earth. We have also incorporated the Rainforest into our observational drawing and art history, looking at the work of artist Henri Rousseau.  

We have also learnt why paragraphs are so important and how to construct them correctly. We are currently studying persuasive writing and looking at how advertisers and the media use specific language and colours in letters, leaflets and promotion. This is preparing us to write a letter to persuade others not to use palm oil products, which is a cause of deforestation.  

Finally, we have enjoyed learning how to classify animals and plants using closed questions and specific criteria and are looking forward to the embarking on our new Transport Topic next term.

We embarked on another very busy and fulfilling term. We started with investigating sound, tone and pitch. We discovered that you could hear more with your eyes shut. We looked at the animal kingdom and their hearing ability, discovering that some have hearing as low as 14 Hz and others up to and beyond 200,000 Hz. The children have enjoyed carrying out experiments and discovering that you see sound waves using different materials.

We have learnt about the transport revolution between 1736 and 1829 and spent some time focusing on Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his amazing engineering achievements. We looked at how transport allowed people and produce to move around the country via rail, increasing productivity and made the British Isles a richer country. Britain were the leaders in rail and our trains were shipped to many other countries. We looked at the careers that include being a engineer. 

We continued to focus on the children's well-being and mental health through the Jigsaw programme, assemblies, Casey Caterpillar and sharing our thoughts and feelings. Our main focus has been relationships, positivity and potential. The children especially loved the 'Philosophy of the Ant' and how to be more 'ANT': hardworking, persistent, determined, committed and to never give up. 

We worked on the transition between year 3 and 4 and year 4 to 5. We had Zoom meetings, a visit from Mr Kelly and most of the children had the opportunity to meet their new teacher and classmates. The year 4 children produced and performed their leavers’ assembly and they did themselves proud! We spent the last week completing our design technology projects, light boxes and rainforest tie dying leaf projects. We will also be carried out some 'AWESOME' science experiments, of which the children loved and have requested to be a permanent feature to the end of the year! 

I want to wish all of year 4 every success for the future. I also want to thank the children for all their hard work and commitment to their learning since March. Finally, have a fantastic summer! I am looking forward to welcoming year 3 back in September.


Spring Term 2021

Kestrels and Kites
I firstly want to start with how lovely it is to have everyone back in school. Thank you to all of you for working so hard during the third lockdown. The children have worked extremely hard and has settled back into the class routines very well. this half term we have enjoyed investigating the Vikings, as well as making 3D Viking Longboats. Kestrels and Kites have also enjoyed learning about our teeth and how to keep our mouths healthy. 
After Easter, we are going to embark on a journey to Rainforest, continue to extend our observational drawing skills and investigate living things and their habitats. 
Have a fantastic Easter and I look forward to the children return on the Tuesday 13th April. 
Ms Redwood-Worthy