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Greenfield & Pulloxhill Academy

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Pulloxhill Road, Greenfield, Bedfordshire MK45 5ES



Welcome to the Kestrels and Kites

Year 3 & 4 at Pulloxhill

Kestrels and Kites is a Year 3 and Year 4 combined class at Pulloxhill.  We are the eldest children in the school and we take on various responsibilities. This can include setting up the hall for assembly, organising the music and hymns and ensuring the school library is organised.  Kestrels and Kites also take lead roles in the Student council and Eco-Committees. 

Kestrels and Kites endeavour to be great role models for the rest of the school and strive to live the British and school values, in school and at home. 

During the academic year, we work hard and continue to build on the skills we have learnt in EYFS and KS1.  A key focus in KS2 is building on our vocabulary and grammar understanding. We continue to build on what we know and develop our knowledge and understanding through supporting and helping each other.

Much of the English focus in years 3 and 4 consists of learning how to extend and change the meaning of words using prefixes and suffixes, the present perfect term, fronted adverbials, standard English and inverted commas. Where possible we aim to enrich the children's education with a wide range of activities off-site. 

In Mathematics, the Kestrels and Kites will learn to use a variety of strategies to calculate and solve many calculations and mathematics problems. Kites will focus on  their times tables to prepare them for their Year 4 Times Tables Assessment at the end of the academic year. As an academy, the children will have access to Times Tables Rock Stars to help and support them in learning their times tables in a fun and engaging way, at home and in school. 

Homework in Kestrels and Kites is a weekly Learning Log. Children are asked to practise some of the skills they have learnt in school and research new topics. Additionally, children need to read daily and quiz when they have completed a book to demonstrate their understanding and reading comprehension.

We are lucky to have the opportunity to learn a class instrument led by Inspiring Music. We are learning the pBone this academic year.

We are also extremely lucky to have our PE lessons led and supported by Premier Sport, our PE days are Mondays and Fridays. 

We have strong links with Arnold Academy and work closely with them. We prepare the children in Year 4 to ensure a smooth and happy transition. We endeavour to become independent, responsible and confident learners to ensure we are ready for our next schools. 

Class Teacher - Ms Redwood-Worthy 

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Mafoh

Curriculum News - Autumn Term Coming Soon

Summer Term 2022

June and July 2022

This term Kestrels and Kites went on a trip to Whipsnade, where they put to practice their knowledge and understanding of life cycles, animals (including humans) and habitats. The children loved interacting and learning outside the classroom. Above are some of the incredible animals that we saw on our trip to Whipsnade. The children had an amazing day linking their learning to the animals.

The children have really enjoyed learning about the De Grey family, the mausoleum and the impact that they had on the local area, Flitwick and Silsoe Churches and the Wrest Park houses. We also researched the Pulloxhill water tower and the children discovered that it is not always possible to find all the answers on the internet!
The children enjoyed their transition days and are looking forward to the next chapter in their education. We will be completing the term with entertainment provided by the FOPS and Sports Day. I wish the children a fantastic summer!

April and May 2022

This half term has been extremely busy! We went on a fabulous overnight trip to Grafham Water where we sailed, climbed and built shelters.  We have created our own characters and written stories based on the David Walliams character ‘Mr Stink’. In PE we have been learning how to play cricket and we have been learning to Maypole dance. We have been learning to play the jSax with a teacher from Inspiring Music. We have been learning about rhythm, pitch and notation. We will end this half term celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. There will be a Jubilee themed art competition and Maypole dancing on the green.

Spring Term 2022

March and April 2022

This half term started with great excitement and intrigue. We embarked on a discovery of animals including humans foods, skeletons, muscle and life cycles. In History and English we have journeyed through Roman times, from 753BC to AD476. We have looked at the creation of Roman through the story of Romulus and Remus to the battles of Boudicca in Colchester, London and St Albans, through to her death in Watling Street in St Albans.

Year 4 had their first transitional visit to Arnold, which was extremely successful and introduced life in Year 5 in an interactive, supportive and engaging way. All the children had a fabulous morning and were praised for their excellent values and behaviour.

As an Academy we embarked on our first National Science Week and the children loved it! We extended their learning with the 2022 focus on 'GROWTH'. It was amazing to see all the children so engaged and enjoying the activities, Kestrels and Kites especially enjoyed the research element. Thank you to all of the parents, careers and family members that got involved in creating a growth poster! They were amazing and are proudly presented in a book for all to see and share. 

We completed the term by making moving Monsters in DT, it was amazing to see the monsters come alive !The children loved designing, making and operating them.   

January and February 2022

Kestrels and Kites have enjoyed another wonderful half term and have worked extremely hard. We really enjoyed learning about Europe, in particular how much warmer Italy is than Britain! We have been experimenting with magnets, magnetic materials and discovering all about the magnetic poles. The Kestrels and Kites really enjoyed creating 'Chapter 19' of 'Fantastic Mr Fox' and wanted posters. 

Kestrels and Kites also embarked on a tour of European art, we looked and recreate paintings based on Michel Angelo's paintings in the Sistine Chapel by painting animals upside down. We recreated building images created by Anselm Kiefer using shapes  and created self-portraits using a rubber as our pencil to create light and dark tones. 

We have enjoyed learning how to play table tennis and learning the basic gymnastics shapes, which were transformed into transferring into jumps and then blending together through transitional movements.

Finally, the children have really worked hard to improve their problem solving, reasoning and investigation skills in mathematics, especially learning to subtract numbers using addition.

Autumn Term 2021

November and December 2021

Kestrels and Kites embarked on many journeys over the past seven weeks. We began with a leap into History and travelled through the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. The kestrels and Kites enjoyed looking at the Topic specific books and reading 'The Stone Age, Hunters, Gathers and Woolly Mammoths' by Marcia Williams as a class. We identified some of the key features or each age and looked at how humans began to develop from Neanderthals as well as writing our own Stone Age Child adventures based on the the book 'Stone Age Boy' by Satoshi Kitamura

We continued to develop are understanding of Science in the world around us and how to carry out a fair test through the study of Rocks, Soils and Fossils. We used are sight, touch and flow charts to identify and classify Rocks.  

We learnt a perform a recite a short Nativity play in French, including actions. We also enjoyed practising and performing our Christmas Carols around the Christmas Tree with the Swifts and Skylarks. 

Whilst in PE we worked particularly hard on our badminton, dodgeball and team skills. Kestrels and Kites learnt many key elements of how to serve, play tactically, aim correctly, throw the dodgeball and hit the shuttlecock effectively. Kestrels ad Kites ended the term with two fabulous inter class tournaments of which were enjoyed by all! We also managed to complete a fantastic assault course in aid of Pudsey Day (Children In Need).   

In DT we focused on seasonality and then we developed are understanding and knowledge or winter vegetables. We spent a lot of time discussing and analysing how due to shipping, flight and road transport availability we have access to all seasonal fruits and vegetables the majority of the year. We paid particular attention to seasonal winter vegetables, making a simple and cost effective Potato Soup (Year 4) accompanied by homemade wholemeal and gluten free bread (Year 3) to end the term. 

The Kestrels and Kites worked extremely hard throughout the term and they particularly enjoyed writing a poem about the teachers, creating symmetrical drawings and plotting co-ordinates in the first quadrant. 

Personal I want to say what a pleasure it has been to see the amount of reading that is happening at home, it is extremely obvious in the confidence and fluency in the children's reading.  I also would like to celebrate the huge increase in the pride and standard of the Learning Log work completed. The Children have particularly enjoyed seeing their work celebrated and taking pride of place on the Wow Wall, just outside the classroom. 

Thank you for your continued support and I am really looking forward to the welcoming the children back in the New Year.  

October 2021

Kestrels and Kites have been busy creating stories and poetry based on familiarity, as well as using mnemonics to enrich their writing. We have been learning about the United Kingdom and its countries and counties and what makes a city, village, or hamlet what they are.

Kestrels and Kites have learnt about pointillism and have focused on the works of Georges Seurat. The children have created and divided colours using pointillism techniques and created their own work of art, including the Mustard Seed Tree.

They have thoroughly enjoyed learning the rules of Tag rugby! A mixed team of year 3 and 4 recently took part in the Tag Rugby festival at Samuel Whitbread and were very successful.

We successfully studied our finger prints, classified and concluded which type of finger prints we are, as well as how to work scientifically. We learnt how a city, town, village and hamlet are classified and whether Flitwick was a town or a village. The children researched whether a flame was a alive and why may Milton Keynes become a city with outstanding results. We have spent a lot of time talking and sharing our thoughts and feelings, and have really looked after each other. We have loved learning about British Values and Our School Values, as well as celebrating World Values Day.  

We are looking forward to embarking on new topics in Autumn 2, such as the Stone Age through to Bronze Age and Rocks and Soils. We will also be making seasonal soup and bread, as well as celebrating our differences and successes.

We have spent the last three weeks learning about Black History. Year 3 focused on why we have Black History Month and Year 4 focused on different influential Black People in History and the impact they had on society. As a class our English persuasive writing was led by an article in the First News newspaper, regarding Wales making Black History Statutory in the Welsh curriculum. The children really enjoyed learning about Henry Box Brown and Rosa Parks’ stories and how they were treated. They wrote letters to persuade the Prime Minister to make Black History statutory in the English Curriculum.

September 2021

I am really looking forward to welcoming you all into Kestrels and Kites class of 2021-2022, see you on Monday the 6th September!

We will be starting the year creating some awesome displays including, British Values, The Mustard Seed and a Reading display. This will allow the children to settle and get to know their new class mates, as well as deal with any concerns or worries if they arise. The children will have time to ask questions and get use to the daily routines of Year 3 and 4.  

We will be continuing to focus on well-being and mental health in school through the Jigsaw Programme, Casey Caterpillar, School Values and British Values Education, celebration assemblies which are all embedded within the curriculum. 

Topics specific to this term included; How the United Kingdom is made up and discovering if Flitwick is a town or a village, working scientifically and discovering whether a flame is alive and if sand is classified as a rock, the Stone Age to Iron Age era and the significance of Stonehenge, seasonality of vegetables and how to make healthy foods, the study pf pointillism and the artist Seurat in particular, state are name and age in French, count from 0 to 10 and learn some basic classroom instructions. increase are stamina, tactical skills and ability to use our bodies to enhance our sporting ability and goals.  

I would also like to invite you to send in or email any additional photographs of out of school achievements, these do not need to just be sporting activities, so we can celebrate, share and display them in school. We already have a PE board in the corridor and I have introduced a classroom display board to display our  achievements in the classroom. 

I would like to finish with the first 'Thank You' in advance of all your hard work and support.