Owls are taught by Mrs Butterworth


We are the last stage of Key Stage 1 and we aim to consolidate and improve on all of the skills acquired in Wrens as well as build on these skills and prepare you for the beginning of Key Stage 2.  


This year your child will be introduced to a wide variety of texts to ensure that they can read these texts and understand them thoroughly.  We will carry out weekly comprehension tasks to help us in this area.  Reading at home continues to be a very important aspect of our learning.   We will be studying different genres of writing and learning how to apply writing techniques to our own extended writing.   Handwriting continues to be important and as such we carry out handwriting tasks and endeavour to focus on handwriting in all subject areas. There is a continued focus on grammar in Year 2.

Our numeracy skills continue to build and we take on a very practical approach to solving problems both in groups and individually.  Learning multiplication tables and number bonds become an important part of our skills and we will be learning to recall these quickly. 

Learning Logs are our weekly tasks to be carried out at home.  These tasks will always compliment a subject area that we will have been working on in the classroom.  They are a chance to shine and demonstrate the new skills and ideas we have been introduced to. The use of colouring pencils makes Learning Logs look wonderful.  Homework is issued on a Friday and is to be returned, completed on the following Wednesday.

PE takes place on Wednesdays and Fridays with Premier Sport. Please keep your PE kit in school every day as we take every opportunity to take part in physical activity.

Values continue to be part of our ethos and are displayed in our classroom.  Our reward system comprises of smiley faces, children can earn these individually for displaying the values, good work or anything that we think deserves a reward.  The children can also earn a whole class smiley.  We have a pyramid of 15 and when we reach 15 the whole class has a reward that they choose together.

We work very hard in year 2 but we aim to make our learning fun through lots of practical activities and group work where we can share ideas with other people.

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Year 2 - Common Exception Words

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