Collective Worship

Collective Worship takes place daily in both schools across the academy.  It is an important and special part of our day in school when all children from Foundation to Year 4 and staff come together to reflect as a community.  Collective Worship is led by staff, pupils, local clergy, Story Tellers from local churches and a variety of other visitors.

The core of our worship is our shared set of Christian values: these are set within the context of religious and national festivals, based on Bible teaching and are related to significant moral, social and cultural truths and beliefs.

Prayer and quiet reflection is a shared and pro-active part of our worship and our children write prayers and regularly lead the prayer time.  Children enjoy participating in Collective Worship, particularly when they lead our special services.  Special services are held in school and at the church to which parents and friends are invited, such as harvest, Christmas and Easter.

Technology, music and religious artefacts are used to enhance the spiritual experience for all worshippers.  Children sing enthusiastically and regularly choose the songs that enhance our worship.

Worship makes careful connections with learning across the curriculum and within personal relationships so that pupils are empowered to make connections between Collective Worship and their daily lives.

During Collective Worship celebrations form a significant element of our worship and we enjoy congratulating children on their achievements (academic, personal and values based).