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Greenfield & Pulloxhill Academy

Nurture Inspire Flourish


Pulloxhill Road, Greenfield, Bedfordshire MK45 5ES



 Welcome to the Eagles 

Year 4 at Greenfield


Eagles are the year 4 class at Greenfield School.  As we are the oldest children in the school, we take on various responsibilities.  These can include setting up the hall for collective worship, being responsible for the music and the hymn words, being a lunchtime sports leader and helping children be physically active.  Eagles also take lead roles on the Eco-Committee and Student Council. 

Eagles strive to set good examples and show the rest of the school how to live our values.

During year 4, we work hard to build on the maths, reading, writing, spelling and grammar skills from year 3.  Our learning, in all areas of the curriculum,  is a combination of independent, partner and group work. We share our great ideas and support each other.  We enrich our learning with educational trips, visitors and a wide variety of activities in school.

Homework in Eagles is a weekly learning log consisting of two tasks. Children are asked to practise skills learned in school and research new areas of topics. There are also multiplication tables to learn for weekly tests. We also have spellings to learn each week. The children are asked to read daily and quiz when they have completed a book to demonstrate their reading comprehension.

We are lucky to have class music lessons led by Inspiring Music in which we learn an instrument. This year we are all learning to play the PBone (a smaller, plastic trombone) in the autumn term. 

Our PE lessons are led by Premier Sport and are on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

We have strong links with Arnold Academy and work closely with them. We also liaise and meet with the other local lower and middle schools.

The children endeavour to become independent, responsible and confident learners and we prepare them to ensure a smooth and happy transition to  their next schools.

Class teacher -  Mrs Potter 

Autumn Term 2


We really enjoyed our last Orphism abstract art lesson. We used everything we have learned to create our own piece of work, inspired by the artist, Sonia Delaunay. We mixed our paint colours and used the colour wheel to help us decide where to place our colours for the greatest effect. We thought hard about using harmonious and complementary colours.

Autumn Tern 1 2021

World Values Day

We discussed our values and thought hard about the meanings of our new ones. We shared our ideas and thoughts on what each value means to us and the impact they can have on the wider world. We thought about the phrase 'Living our Values' and how this will look and feel like in school and at home.

We created art work inspired by our art topic of 'Orphism' and the use of colour. Our work shows the contrast of coldness and warmth. Using and showing our  values spreads love and warmth and helps us to be thoughtful, kinder and happier. We feel that living the values supports and influences us all in a positive way.

Black History Month

We have used the Ananse the Spider folk tales from West Africa and the Caribbean as a focus for our story writing. We have read, listened to and retold the stories.  We also made our own class story and everyone wrote their own versions.  It was interesting to see the embellishments!  We also found out about African harvests and learnt about the food cassava.  So far, we have thought about how Marcus Rashford, a young footballer, has become an MBE for highlighting the need for free school meals to continue during the holidays.  


We are thoroughly enjoying our P.E lessons with Mr. Cooksley. We are learning the skills needed to play tag rugby, basketball and netball.


We are learning about the abstract artists, Robert and Sonia Delaunay. We are designing our own 'Orphism' inspired piece of art and we will mix our own paint colours.


We are carrying out a scientific experiment to find out the answer to the enquiry question: which chemical is best at killing bacteria? We coated slices of bread in 3 different chemicals: soapy water, sugary water and hand sanitiser mixed with water. We are ensuring that it is a fair and comparative test.  We are patiently waiting to see what happens!


Music Lessons

We have had two very exciting PBone music lessons with 'Inspiring Music'. In our first lesson, we all managed to put our instrument together, name the different parts and made a sound. In our second lesson, we identified the different musical notation of a bar, a rest, a repeat, crotchet and minim, We followed patterns and played along to a backing track. We can't wait to bring them home to show you! 

Eco and Gardening

We took advantage of the lovely warm sunshine and we did lots of tidying and clearing away in our school garden. We picked all of the ripe cherry tomatoes. We planted new flowers in the wheelbarrow and weeded the raised beds ready for our new plants. 

Summer Term 2 2021

This was our first dance rehearsal. We were hoping to perform it at our leavers performance.

Imagine how good we would have been with a little more rehearsing! A great big thanks to Miss Cruise for teaching us.



Teaching Talons

 We were very excited when we realised what our end of our time at Greenfield treat was going to be!

We met a variety of animals and found out about their natural habitats, diets and other interesting facts. We were allowed to get close to them and even touch them! 

Summer Term 1  2021

This half term we have been looking at the Amazonian rainforest and in particular the impact of 'deforestation'. We have thought about why the forest is being cut down and the impact this has on us all. We have written persuasive letters and made fact files about rainforest animals. We have also incorporated the rainforest into our observational drawing and looked at the work of artist Henri Rousseau.  


We are learning about electrical circuits in science this half term. We have been exploring which circuits will or will not light the bulb.

It was great fun predicting and then carrying out the investigation. We are very grateful to our PTA who have bought the electrical equipment for us to use.

Spring Term 2021

Music Lessons

We have had our first trumpet lesson that was remotely taught by 'Inspiring Music' and then we had our second lesson in our school hall.

We have learnt to play a C and a D notes. We also played crotchets, minims, quavers and semibreves.

Watch us play our song called 'Boogie Shoes'. We learnt this in one lesson! Aren't we amazing?

Autumn Term 2020

Christmas 2020

We really enjoyed our Christmas dinner, we even had a special visitor! No it wasn't Santa, our guest was even better than him. It was Mr Cooksley! He thought his lunch was delicious!

October 2020

We had a fabulous time playing bench ball today! We used all the skills we have been developing during this half term. Our teachers were very proud of our team work and determination.

We are thoroughly enjoying our P.E lessons with Mr. Cooksley. We are learning the skills needed to play tag rugby.

We are designing our own 'Orphism' inspired piece of art and we will mix our own colours.

We have carried out a scientific experiment to find out which chemical is best at killing bacteria. We coated sliced of bread in 3 different chemicals: soapy water, sugary water and hand sanitiser mixed with water.  We found that hand sanitiser diluted with water was the best!

We have all come back to school ready and eager to learn. We have adjusted well to our new routines and classroom. We are enjoying being back with our teachers and friends.

We are learning about  'Our World Around Us' in geography. We are finding out about the location of countries, the equator and the northern and southern hemispheres. Our first topic in English is about the 'Horrid Henry' books and we are learning about characters, settings and plots. We are considering how to improve our writing using carefully chosen words and phrases. In art, we are studying the artists Sonia and Robert Delaunay and will be creating our own abstract art. In science, we are learning to think scientifically and are finding out how science is used in the wider world.

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