Eagle Power' Review: High-Soaring Spectacle - WSJ

Eagles are taught by Miss Harvey and supported by

Miss Drawbridge



Eagles are year 4 and the last class at Greenfield.  We are the oldest children in the school and are given roles of responsibility in the form of monitors.  The different monitor roles include CD and hymn monitors for collective worship, lunchtime play monitors, Library monitors and office monitors.  Eagles also take lead positions on the Eco-Committee and Student Council.  Eagles strive to set good examples and show the rest of the school how to live the values.

During year 4, we work hard to build on the maths, reading, writing and grammar skills from year 3.  Our learning is a combination of independent work, partner and group work where we can share our great ideas and support each other. Our learning is enriched with educational trips, visitors and a wide variety of activities in school. Eagles are given two homework tasks to complete in their learning logs each week, as well as daily reading and times tables.  We work hard to develop quick recall of times tables, we have weekly 2 minute tests to try to beat our scores each week. 

Eagles Class take the lead roles in our key stage 2 Christmas performance and produce a Leavers' Performance at the end of the year. There are opportunities to join different clubs and take part in activities with other schools. 

Throughout the year links are developed with Arnold Academy, so that the children are prepared and confident when making the transition to their next school.



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