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Greenfield & Pulloxhill Academy

Nurture Inspire Flourish


Pulloxhill Road, Greenfield, Bedfordshire MK45 5ES




Welcome to Swifts and Skylarks Class

Year 1 & 2 at Pulloxhill


Swifts and Skylarks class is a Key Stage 1 class, where children from year 1 and 2 learn together and support each other. We aim to make our classroom an inviting place to be, combining formal learning at our tables with independently driven educational activities. In Swifts & Skylarks class, the year 1 children build upon the foundations made in the Reception class and continue to develop their independence. Year 2 children are super role models to our younger class members.

At school, we plan a range of learning opportunities throughout each term to teach a broad and balanced curriculum in exciting and different ways. These cover the core subjects of English, Maths and Science plus History, Geography, RE, PSHCE, Art/DT, Music and PE. You will be able to view our new curriculum map and weekly timetable on the school website at the beginning of September.

Children in Swifts and Skylarks learn and regularly practise a cursive handwriting style to improve the presentation of our work, and to help with our spellings. We use Talking Partners to promote discussion and help and support each other in our learning.  Phonics continue to be very important, and we teach phonics regularly using an interactive approach to promote confidence in reading and spelling.

Children read regularly at school in Literacy lessons, Reading & Comprehension lessons, and reading on both an individual and group basis to an adult. Children are encouraged to read at home as regularly as possible. Children have the opportunity to change their book at school on a daily basis.

You will be having PE lessons with Mr Cooksley and Mr Norman twice a week. Your PE lesson days are Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Our weekly Learning Logs are an opportunity for children to share and discuss the learning they have done at school with family at home. We encourage the children to complete the work themselves with their own pictures, writing and sometimes photographs. Our Learning Log activity is set on a Friday and needs to be returned to school by the following Wednesday. 

We value the learning that takes place at home as well as here in school and it is important that we work together in partnership to provide the best opportunities for all our children. We love to hear about your child’s achievements at home e.g. awards in sporting activities, clubs etc. so that we can share their successes with their class.

We thank you for the support you give to your child and our school. Please do speak to Mrs Morrissey-Pawar if you have any queries or questions.

Class Teacher - Mrs Morrissey- Pawar

Swifts and Skylarks Curriculum News Summer 2.pdf 

 Summer Term 1


Swifts and Skylarks have had a great half term. As part of our topic ‘Seasons and weather’, we wrote hibernation reports. We are now experts on hibernation and can recall some very interesting facts. Using the text ‘Cloudy with a chance of meatballs’ we wrote own stories with some extreme weather problems. The whole class really thought about the vocabulary we could use to make sure our stories were interesting for the reader. Everyone enjoyed sharing their ideas and reading their work to the class.



Once again, we have loved our art topic ‘Colour chaos’.  We have all very much looked forward to our Friday afternoons where we have learnt about different abstract artists and recreated their work. Swifts and Skylarks have enjoyed the freedom to express themselves through art and have produced some beautiful paintings. I am very proud of how independent everyone has become when choosing their own resources and clearing away work areas.


 This half term we have been very lucky to have Mrs Lawson from the Music Service teaching us ‘Pentatonic Pitch’. Each week she has introduced us to a variety of activities to support the exploration of pitch. We have had a lot of fun and all been very eager to join in.

I am sure Swift and Skylarks would say their highlight for this term was the Reading Café. We loved sharing our new story 'The Tin Forest' and the children were brilliant at sharing their ideas. Thank you to all the parents for coming into class and sharing your creativity with the children. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Spring Term 2 


Swifts and Skylarks have had a fantastic half term and we’ve very much enjoy our topic ‘Florence Nightingale’. As part of this topic, we wrote biographies, fact files and stories about a ‘The Magic Key’. The class successfully used their historical knowledge to set the scene and problem for Kipper and Floppy to solve. We were brilliant at recalling facts about Florence Nightingale in our stories.


We have loved our DT topic ‘Teddy Bear Picnic’.  We all enjoyed the process of tasting food to decide which would be suitable for our picnic. Everyone successfully followed a set of instructions to make biscuits and fruit kebabs. Swifts and Skylarks were very good a reading scales to make sure we measured out the correct amount of ingredients.


In Science, our topic has been ‘Our Bodies’. Swifts and Skylarks have enjoyed working practically and scientifically. As part of National Science Week, we researched, planned and tested an exercise plan to use in our playground. The children ensured they had used a variety of areas outside and exercised different parts of their bodies. It was lovely to observe the children sharing their ideas and giving friendly feedback.


Spring Term 1 


 In English we have enjoyed exploring under the sea to help us write poetry, letters and stories. We learnt many new words to describe sea creatures and settings and included these in our poem writing. We thoroughly enjoyed reading 'The Snail and the Whale' and writing letters as the Snail to tell her family all about her new adventures.  


We have loved our art topic ‘Self-portraits’ and we all very much looked forward to our Friday afternoons. We explored many artist's self portraits and discovered some even use colours to portray emotions. The highlight has been sculpting a portrait using clay. We successfully used a variety of tools to create detailed features on our faces and some of us chose colours to show how we were feeling. 


Autumn Term 2 


In DT was have been learning about slider and lever mechanisms to make a moving picture. We made mock up mechanisms and evaluated which we thought was best to use for our pictures. We then worked hard to design and make fantastic moving Christmas cards.



 Swifts and Skylarks have enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes. We wrote diaries to express how Guy Fawkes was feeling in the events leading up to the Gunpowder plot. We learnt, and performed the famous poem ‘Remember, Remember’. We worked well as a class to think of actions to help us with our performance. 



In science, we have been learning about everyday materials. We explored the properties and suitability of materials, which helped us with our investigation to find the most suitable material for our broken umbrella.

Autumn Term 1

Swifts and Skylarks have had a fantastic half term and have settled well into their new class. We have had lots of new routines and ways of working to learn but everyone has shown wonderful resilience. Well done everyone! 



We have been very interested in our Art topic ‘Earth Art’ where we have been studying the artist Andy Goldsworthy. We have been recreating his sculptures using many different natural materials and talking about the difficulties we faced. We used paint to make lighter and darker shades of natural colours and clay to create sculptures. I was delighted with the natural artwork Year 2 produced at home in their learning logs.


This term in Geography, we have been learning about our local area and loved our walk around Pulloxhill. As we walked around the village we identified all the human and physical features and thought about which symbols we could use for our maps. We discovered many features that make our village special and drew detailed maps once we returned to school. 


In Science, our topic has been to work scientifically to answer our big question ‘Is there a pattern to where we find moss growing?’ Swifts and Skylarks have enjoyed planning and setting up an investigation to find out which conditions moss likes to grow in. They all made sensible predictions based on our observations from around school. We have also been learning to identify and classify the leaves we found and think about which trees are deciduous or evergreen. We has a lovely afternoon making our terrariums and used our observations from this terms investigation of moss to suggest where would be the best place to keep them. 


We have had a lot of fun in PE this half term. We have been playing a variety of games to practise our catching and throwing skills. There are some fantastic defenders and attackers in Swifts and Skylarks!