Greenfield is a Church of England School which means we have a close partnership with our local village church and the St Albans Diocese. We are proud of our church foundation and it is this which defines our ethos and makes our school distinctive. The cornerstone of all our work is our 'Values' based education which is embraced by the whole school community and encourages every child to develop into a caring, responsible, hardworking and positive person.

To allow our children time to reflect we have developed an area of peace and calm. Children may go there during play and lunchtimes. They often write prayers, read stories or snuggle down in the comfy chairs to take a moment of quiet in our busy world.

Both schools enjoy visiting their parish churches. St James’ is the church in the village of Pulloxhill and we go there to celebrate Christmas and Easter. The church is also a rich resource to study our village history. St John the Baptist is located in Flitton and serves the communities of both Greenfield and Flitton. It houses the historic De Grey Mausoleum, which is owned by English Heritage. The school children can often be seen walking to the church for services, art opportunities and to investigate local study projects. Both Parochial Church Councils welcome us into the churches and we continue to look for new and exciting ways of becoming involved.

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As a church school, Greenfield is inspected by the Diocese.


The SIAMS report can be read by clicking here.

"The highly distinctive Christian character has a pervasive impact on all aspects of the school.  The school's high commitment to inclusion is evidenced by outcomes in all area, both academic and spiritual, moral, social and cultural." (SIAMS 2015)