Wrens Latest News



Autumn Term 

 The Wrens have had a fantastic start to the new academic year.  They have worked very hard and have been busy acclimatising to the different expectations and challenges that Key stage 1 has to offer. 

Our first topic of the year was toys, which was very popular with the whole class.  We had lots of fun investigating and playing with toys from different periods whilst thinking about the materials they were made from.  Our Toys topic was also the basis for some of our work in other subjects. 

In Literacy we studied several toy related texts and recounted 'The Old Toy Shop' story in groups with character masks.  We really enjoyed acting out the different parts and using props to help tell the story.  In keeping with our topic we designed and made our own animal Pom Poms in design technology which allowed us to develop creativity.In science we have had lots of fun thinking about materials and their properties.  We conducted some hands on scientific inquiries and really enjoyed discovering which materials were waterproof and magnetic.

We have worked incredibly hard in Maths this term and have covered a wide range of subjects.  We have started to identify coins and their values, using them in practical maths lessons in the toy shop.  We have been working hard to learn our number bonds as well as counting in multiples.  we have also been learning about 2-D shapes and investigating their properties.


Our Second Topic of the term was Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot.  We engaged well with this topic and enjoyed investigating the event from lots of different angles.  We used role play and props to help us understand the events that took place as well as hot seating and questioning to decipher the reasons behind the act.  We considered Bonfire Night and learnt about the meaning behind it.


In Art, we enjoyed learning about Wassily Kandinsky, the abstract artist, and making our own abstract masterpieces.

We all worked incredibly hard to learn the songs and actions for our Christmas Play, we had a great time and hope that everyone who came to see it did too!