Puffin Class Latest News


Autumn 1 term 2019:

We have had a lovely start to the school year welcoming back our lovely Puffins and meeting all our new little Puffins. The children have done a fantastic job settling into Nursery, exploring their indoor and outdoor environments. 

The children have begun the term learning the routines and boundaries of the Puffin class. We are learning to share our toys and resources, taking turns and playing lots of fun games together. We have been developing our self care skills, such as washing our own hands before meal times and after art activities, along with helping to hang up our belongings at the beginning of each session, we are already doing an amazing job!

The children have been learning about ourselves. We have had great fun looking in mirrors to find our facial features. The children searched in the sand to find the buried facial features, then created their own faces. We learned that we all have similar features, such as hair or eyes, however they are also sometimes different. The children identified the colour of their own hair and eyes and coloured them in on their face they created. We also will learn about our families and which family members we have, the children will have a photo of their families displayed in the home corner, enabling them to see their families even when at nursery.

Puffin class has also been exploring Autumn, we have explored various materials, such as dried leaves, pine cones, conkers and sticks, the leaves made a lovely "Scrunchy" sound. We went on a hunt in the garden to collect leaves that had fallen from the trees, and we learned that in Autumn the leaves change colour and then fall from the trees. The children created lovely Autumn collages using the leaves they collected, the Puffins had fun blowing feathers, pretending the feather were leaves falling from the trees. We will be looking more at Autumnal colours and the children will explore mixing different colours to create new ones. 

The children have loved exploring the mud kitchen outside, making lots of interesting meals, including worm pies!

The children have spent time investigating the water tray, both pouring and filling with pots and washing the dinosaurs. They were very interested in the colour sorting, matching the coloured teddies to the correct coloured mat, they did a super job naming the colours and matching them correctly.   


Exploring the leaves:

Puffins have loved exploring the leaves that have fallen from the trees in the garden. We have thrown them in the air and tried to catch them, jumped in the leaves listening to the crunchy sounds they make. The children even had fun make leaf angels (like snow angels) by laying on the floor and moving our arms and legs. We were super excited and had lots of laughter. The children have also done very well counting in sequence using pine cones. 




Autumn 2 term

The Puffin's children have settled back into Nursery beautifully after the October half term, we have also welcomed a new little Puffin to our class. The children have been extremely kind showing their new friend all our toys and helping her learn the routines of Puffin class.

We have been focusing on Toys and Festivals this half term. The children enjoyed learning all about the Hindu festival DIwali. The children created clay Diwas and made chalk Rangoli patterns. They developed their gross motor skills of pouring and filling, by filling pots with brightly coloured rice. The children were excited to take part in our Diwali feast, trying some new foods. 

The children made a beautiful Remembrance Day wreath together, by making poppy handprints. We also took part in the two minute silence to remember those soldiers who fought to keep us safe. 

The Puffins have had lots of fun exploring our Toy shop role play, taking it in turns to be the shop keeper, whilst their friends buy the toys from them. We have worked on our fine motor skills by threading string through toys. The children have explored many different types of toys, robots, puppet theatre, puzzles, books, and many more. We have been discussing our favourite toys and the children will be bringing in a toy from home to share during our show and tell about toys. 

An amazing start to the second term :-)