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Greenfield & Pulloxhill Academy

Nurture Inspire Flourish


Pulloxhill Road, Greenfield, Bedfordshire MK45 5ES




Welcome to the Puffins!

 Nursery at Pulloxhill


The staff members in the Puffins are Mrs Stevens and Mrs Jephson. Every child will be assigned a keyworker when starting the class.

The children in Puffins are taught through play. They are provided with new learning experiences, in both the indoor and outdoor environment. 

The staff in Puffins model for the children, encouraging them to imitate and learn new skills. We nurture positive relationships with our parents, involving them in their child's learning and incorporating children's experiences at home into our learning.

During your child's time with us in Puffins, they will be introduced to counting, colours, shapes, pencil control and many other wonderful new experiences and new sources of knowledge. We will support them to learn the routines and boundaries of Puffins, encouraging sharing and building friendships with their peers. The children will be taught self-care skills, such as washing their hands, toileting and putting on their own shoes and coats. 

We introduce the children in Puffins to phonics, beginning with learning environmental sounds, for example, animal noises, aeroplanes in the sky, etc. As we progress through the year we will support the children to recognise their own name and some letter sounds. 

We strive to make each child's time with us enjoyable to enable them to have a wonderful beginning to their learning journey through our school. 



We welcome children into Puffin class from 3 years of age. If you are interested in your child attending our nursery please fill in a session preference form and a starting school data sheet. These are available from the Pulloxhill School office.


Autumn Term 2020

The children have done an amazing job coming into the nursery after a long break. We have welcomed back our Puffins and welcomed some new children into nursery, it has been lovely to see all their smiley faces.

This half term we will be learning all about 'Autumn’ and ‘Myself’.

The children will be exploring autumnal materials, and the changes to our environment, such as leaves changing colour, and falling from the trees. We will investigate autumn colours and how we can mix the colours to create new ones. We will gather autumnal materials from outside and create autumn collages with them.

We will also be learning all about ourselves. We will learn about family, and who our own families are. We will be looking at our faces, and naming our facial features. The children will experiment with various malleable materials and art activities to create their own faces.

Autumn 1 term curriculum news


This half term the Puffin class have been learning about ‘Festivals’ and ‘Toys’.

The children enjoyed learning about Fireworks, Remembrance Day and Diwali. We explore creating different marks for fireworks by flicking paint to create our own fireworks sky. Puffins also made beautiful poppies for Remembrance day by sponge printing, as well as taking part in a two minute silence to remember the soldiers. The children have loved exploring Diwali, we created our own clay Diwas and rice Rangoli patterns. The puffins have learned the story of Rama and Sita and enjoyed recalling the story using puppets. We also enjoyed a yummy Diwali feast trying some new foods.

Puffin class have also been looking at Toys. The children really enjoyed taking part in show and tell, showing their friends their favourite toys from home. We have explored old toys, learning how to play games such as hop scotch and even made even made our own jack in a box, as well as looking at modern toys.

The children had lots of fun learning about 2D shapes, they took part in a shape hunt looking for shapes in the classroom and creating our own shape books.

Autumn 2 term curriculum news


Spring Term 2021

Spring 2 term curriculum news

This half term the children in Puffin class have been learning about 'Weather' and 'Eco'.

The children in Puffin class did an amazing job at taking part in our home schooling activities during lockdown. We received some wonderful pieces of art work and wonderful photos of all the activities they experienced at home. Our parents were amazing getting involved with the activities, we even had some grandparents joining in. The children kept a weather diary exploring different types of weather, made rain catchers and windmills. We were very lucky to get some snow and the children had a wonderful time sledging with their families and building snowmen. 

We also introduced the children to recycling, sorting our rubbish into recycling and rubbish, some children were even taken to their local recycling entre to recycling glass bottles.


This half term the children in Puffin class have been learning about 'Materials, Houses and Homes'.

Spring 2 term curriculum news February 2021.doc.pdf

It has been so lovey to have the children back in Nursery, they all came back very excited to see their friends. The children have had great fun exploring materials, we have investigated how different materials feel. The children were provided with the opportunity to explore various materials through a feely bag, various texture wall and topic table. They created collages using materials and used different materials for building.

We focused on the story "The Three Little Pigs" we discussed the materials the pigs chose to build their houses the children were provided with these materials to explore their texture. This lead us into exploring our on homes. The children all had a photo of their own home and were given the opportunity to tell their friends about their house, what materials it is made out of, if it has lots of windows, etc. We created a display with the photos and the wonderful things the children said about their houses. 

The children made beautiful portraits of their mummies for Mothers Day, we discussed how our mummies are specials and our favourite thing about our own mummy. 

Summer Term

Summer 1 term curriculum news April 2021.pdf

This half term the children in Puffin class have been learning all about 'Mini-beasts'.

The children have absolutely loved this topic! We have had lots of fun learning all about various different mini-beasts, such as caterpillars and butterflies, dragonflies, ladybirds, bees, spiders, snails and worms. 

The children have learned about the different lifecycles of each mini-beast, as well as lots of other interesting facts. The children really enjoyed looking for mini-beats in the garden, creating a variety of beautiful art pieces, learning how they move, and their habitats. 

The children have taken part in lots of gross and fine motor skills, threading to create a spider web, drawing spirals to create snail shells, using paint and water painting. We have had lots of fun with number, counting how many legs each mini beast has, matching numerals to quantity and sorting objects into groups. 

The highlight of our half term was watching our real baby caterpillars grow, and change into beautiful butterflies. The children were fascinated, enjoying coming into Nursery each day and checking on them and how much they had changed. It was very exciting to release our butterflies into the garden, providing the children with the opportunity to see the butterflies up close.