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Greenfield & Pulloxhill Academy

Nurture Inspire Flourish


Pulloxhill Road, Greenfield, Bedfordshire MK45 5ES




Welcome to the Puffins

 Nursery at Pulloxhill

  Staff: Mrs Stevens 

Supported by: Mrs Jephson


Every child will be assigned a keyworker when starting the class.

The children in Puffins are taught through play. They are provided with new learning experiences, in both the indoor and outdoor environment. 

The staff in Puffins model for the children, encouraging them to imitate and learn new skills. We nurture positive relationships with our parents, involving them in their child's learning and incorporating children's experiences at home into our learning.

During your child's time with us in Puffins, they will be introduced to counting, colours, shapes, pencil control and many other wonderful new experiences and new sources of knowledge. We will support them to learn the routines and boundaries of Puffins, encouraging sharing and building friendships with their peers. The children will be taught self-care skills, such as washing their hands, toileting, caring for their teeth and putting on their own shoes and coats. 

We introduce the children in Puffins to phonics, beginning with learning environmental sounds, for example, animal noises, aeroplanes in the sky, etc. As we progress through the year we will support the children to recognise their own name and some letter sounds. 

We strive to make each child's time with us enjoyable to enable them to have a wonderful beginning to their learning journey through our school. 



We welcome children into Puffin class from 3 years of age. If you are interested in your child attending our nursery please fill in a session preference form and a starting school data sheet. These are available from the Pulloxhill School office.


Puffin Curriculum News for Spring 1 Term.pdf

 This half term in Puffin class we will be learning about "Toys". 

Spring Term 1 2022

Information will be here soon.

Autumn 2 Term 2021

This half term in Puffin class we have been learning all about different "Festivals".

The children have made lovely firework art pieces, creating a 3D firework and sprinkling glitter to create their own firework sky. The children really enjoyed learning about Remembrance Day, learning about the soldiers who helped us, creating sun catcher poppies, and creating our own class poppy wreath, which we took with us to the two minutes silence with the rest of school. The children have learned all about Diwali, we even made our own Diwali sweets, which were yummy. The Puffin's were very interested in using paint to create Mehndi patterns, it was lots of fun and very messy.

In Puffin class we have been looking at Advent and the Nativity story. The children enjoyed using the Nativity small world set to retell the story. We were extremely excited when we had an elf arrive from the North pole, he has been getting up to lots of mischief which the children have loved. We are looking forward to our last week of term and learning all about Christmas, wearing our Christmas jumpers to school and our Christmas dinner!

Autumn 1 Term

The children have done an amazing job coming into Puffin class, they have all settled in so well, and are building friendships with their peers.

This half term we have been learning about "Magical Me" and "The World around us".

The children begun the half term by learning about our families and our homes, The Puffin's have been looking at their family photos our lovely parents sent in for us, and naming their family members. We talked about who our families are and the things we enjoy doing with our them at home. The children also used mirrors to look at their reflections. They created some amazing self-portraits using paints as well as creating play dough faces, and we discussed how we all have some similarities as well as some differences, and that it is ok for us to not all be the same. 

The children have spent the last week learning about people who help us and different occupations. We have discussed which people help us, the children came up with some great ideas, saying our parents, teachers, police, fire fighter, builder and more. We talked about how they help us with different things. The children had fun dressing up in various costumes for people who help us and drew some wonderful pictures for our display.

We will be learning about Autumn to finish this half term, investigating the changes occurring outside. We will talk about what clothes do we need to wear to keep warm outside? We will be exploring Autumnal materials. such as acorns and pine cones and how we can mix coloured paint to create Autumn colours. 

Summer Term

This half term the children in Puffin class have been learning all about 'Mini-beasts'.

The children have absolutely loved this topic! We have had lots of fun learning all about various different mini-beasts, such as caterpillars and butterflies, dragonflies, ladybirds, bees, spiders, snails and worms. 

The children have learned about the different lifecycles of each mini-beast, as well as lots of other interesting facts. The children really enjoyed looking for mini-beats in the garden, creating a variety of beautiful art pieces, learning how they move, and their habitats. 

The children have taken part in lots of gross and fine motor skills, threading to create a spider web, drawing spirals to create snail shells, using paint and water painting. We have had lots of fun with number, counting how many legs each mini beast has, matching numerals to quantity and sorting objects into groups. 

The highlight of our half term was watching our real baby caterpillars grow, and change into beautiful butterflies. The children were fascinated, enjoying coming into Nursery each day and checking on them and how much they had changed. It was very exciting to release our butterflies into the garden, providing the children with the opportunity to see the butterflies up close. 

This half term the Puffin's have been learning about 'Journeys and Traditional Tales'.

The children have been exploring various types of transport, air, land, sea and fantasy forms of transport. The children enjoyed creating a hot air balloon using Paper Mache, they were very interested in how the Paper Mache felt, saying it felt sticky and looked like porridge. they were fascinated when we let it dry overnight and the texture turned from soft to hard. They enjoyed choosing what colours to paint the hot air balloon. We also created our own boats, using various materials, then tested them in the water tray to see if they would float or sink. 

The children have been introduced to a variety of traditional tales, the children's favourites were 'Peter Pan', 'The Wizard of Oz' and 'Snow white and the seven dwarfs'. the children enjoyed pretending to be pirates after reading Peter Pan, we made pirate hats, telescopes, treasure and went on a treasure hunt. Puffin class enjoyed using face masks to recall the story "The Wizard if Oz" taking turns to be the various characters. The children enjoyed using the Snow white and the seven dwarfs peg puppets to retell the story and enjoyed creating houses for the characters using the wooden blocks. 

The children have also enjoyed being helpers around the Puffin class and learning to recognise the sounds in their names and beginning to form the letters in their names. 

The Puffin's finished the half term off by taking part in their first ever Sports Day. They did a fantastic job taking part in an egg and spoon race, throwing race, obstacle course and a running race.