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Greenfield & Pulloxhill Academy

Nurture Inspire Flourish


Pulloxhill Road, Greenfield, Bedfordshire MK45 5ES




Welcome to the Puffins

 Nursery at Pulloxhill

  Staff: Mrs Stevens 

Supported by: Mrs Jephson


Every child will be assigned a keyworker when starting the class.

The children in Puffins are taught through play. They are provided with new learning experiences, in both the indoor and outdoor environment. 

The staff in Puffins model for the children, encouraging them to imitate and learn new skills. We nurture positive relationships with our parents, involving them in their child's learning and incorporating children's experiences at home into our learning.

During your child's time with us in Puffins, they will be introduced to counting, colours, shapes, pencil control and many other wonderful new experiences and new sources of knowledge. We will support them to learn the routines and boundaries of Puffins, encouraging sharing and building friendships with their peers. The children will be taught self-care skills, such as washing their hands, toileting, caring for their teeth and putting on their own shoes and coats. 

We introduce the children in Puffins to phonics, beginning with learning environmental sounds, for example, animal noises, aeroplanes in the sky, etc. As we progress through the year we will support the children to recognise their own name and some letter sounds. 

We strive to make each child's time with us enjoyable to enable them to have a wonderful beginning to their learning journey through our school. 



From September 2022, Puffins Nursery will be open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

We welcome children into Puffin class from 3 years of age. If you are interested in your child attending our nursery please fill in a session preference form and a starting school data sheet. These are available from the Pulloxhill School office.


Summer 1 Term

This half term the Puffins have been learning all about 'Growing'.

The children have investigated growing seeds, we have learned how a seed will grow into different types of flowers, and what we need to do to look after them to help them grow. The children had fun growing their own cress seeds, sunflowers and growing a broad bean to create their own jack and the beanstalks. Throughout the half term we have also looked at how we grow and the children were all measured for our class sunflower height chart, we are getting very tall!!

We have had a look at lifecycles too, we were very lucky to have our own real life baby caterpillars to watch grow. We monitored how they grew from tiny little caterpillars, to great big caterpillars, the children were fascinated how they changed into cocoons, and it was super exciting to see them turn into butterflies. We were even lucky enough to witness one butterfly hatching out of it's cocoon!!

The children had fun taking part in their first Maypole dance, they did an absolutely fantastic job, making us very proud of them all. 

We celebrated the Queen's jubilee by making crowns, learning who the Queen is (the children particularly enjoyed the fact that the Queen has corgi's as pets) and taking part in a Jubilee lunchtime picnic with the rest of school. The children created some amazing art work for the Jubilee art competition in the village. 

Spring 2 Term

This half term the children in Puffin class have been learning all about "Dinosaurs".

 The children have been learning all about the different types of Dinosaurs that there used to be. We discussed how each one looks and how they are different, the children then decided which one is their favourite dinosaur. 

The children have had great fun creating handprint dinosaurs, as well as making a paper plate Stegosaurus. They explored mixing colours to create some beautiful colours and marks when painting their dinosaurs. The children really enjoyed using Paper Mache to create a volcano, they chose strips of newspaper and placed them onto the volcano, then used a paintbrush to paint the paste onto the newspaper. When the Paper Mache had dried we painted the volcano, it was very interesting learning how volcanoes erupt and how they have very hot lava stored inside. 

During the half term we have developed our mathematical skills, counting various quantities and recognising numerals. The children did a fantastic job finding the dinosaur eggs hidden around the classroom, with numerals on, and bringing them to put in our fabric nest that the children had built on the carpet, they then counted how many eggs they had found. 

The children had the opportunity to pretend to be a Palaeontologist, hunting for dinosaur skeletons and fossils in the sand, using various tools and goggles (to keep our eyes safe from the sand like a real Palaeontologist). The children got to explore some real fossils, feeling and looking at them closely. We then made our own dinosaur fossils out of salt dough with coffee mixed in, they smelt lovely. The children also had a go at drawing their favourite dinosaur skeleton using white chalk on black paper, they did such an amazing job. 

We have also been learning about where dinosaurs live, on land, in the sky and in the water. We discovered that some dinosaurs eat meat and are called Carnivores, whilst some dinosaurs eat plants and are called Herbivores. The children had fun sorting dinosaurs into groups, one of meat eaters and one of plant eaters.

We were also very excited to discover giant dinosaur feet in Puffin class one morning! We decided they belonged to a T-Rex, we then measured around our own feet on top of the dinosaurs feet to see if we had the same size feet as the T-Rex, it was very exciting. 



Spring Term 1 2022

This half term the children in Puffin class have been learning all about "Toys".

The children have been exploring different types of toys and how they work. They particularly enjoyed exploring toys with wheels, investigating what marks they could make by rolling cars through paint creating a variety of tyre marks. They had lots of fun playing with our train tracks and cars and garage. The children explored old toys, learning how to play hopscotch and roll the hoop. We also looked at what materials different toys are made out of. We explored lots of different materials discussing how they feel. The bubble wrap materials was a keen favourite. The children created beautiful pictures of their favourite toy they received for Christmas and explored junk modelling. 

This half term we have introduced a weekly visit to the main hall to develop our gross motor skills. The children have enjoyed playing parachute games, balancing on benches and the balance frames, as well as using the climbing wall. The children have loved these new sessions.

We have also been learning all about Winter, we have been looking at the weather with our daily weather board. We have discussed what clothes we need to wear to keep us warm outside in the cold weather. We discussed the impact of the cold weather on wild life, exploring how some animals will hibernate during the colder months as there isn't a lot of food. To help the birds in our garden the children in Puffins made bird feeders which we put up in our garden. We have had lots of fun watching the birds eating them. The children have also made some beautiful snowmen by mixing shaving foam and PVA glue together creating a frothy mixture. The children have been developing their scissor skills by creating some amazing snowflakes for out display board, 

Autumn 2 Term 2021

This half term in Puffin class we have been learning all about different "Festivals".

The children have made lovely firework art pieces, creating a 3D firework and sprinkling glitter to create their own firework sky. The children really enjoyed learning about Remembrance Day, learning about the soldiers who helped us, creating sun catcher poppies, and creating our own class poppy wreath, which we took with us to the two minutes silence with the rest of school. The children have learned all about Diwali, we even made our own Diwali sweets, which were yummy. The Puffin's were very interested in using paint to create Mehndi patterns, it was lots of fun and very messy.

In Puffin class we have been looking at Advent and the Nativity story. The children enjoyed using the Nativity small world set to retell the story. We were extremely excited when we had an elf arrive from the North pole, he has been getting up to lots of mischief which the children have loved. We are looking forward to our last week of term and learning all about Christmas, wearing our Christmas jumpers to school and our Christmas dinner!

Autumn 1 Term

The children have done an amazing job coming into Puffin class, they have all settled in so well, and are building friendships with their peers.

This half term we have been learning about "Magical Me" and "The World around us".

The children begun the half term by learning about our families and our homes, The Puffin's have been looking at their family photos our lovely parents sent in for us, and naming their family members. We talked about who our families are and the things we enjoy doing with our them at home. The children also used mirrors to look at their reflections. They created some amazing self-portraits using paints as well as creating play dough faces, and we discussed how we all have some similarities as well as some differences, and that it is ok for us to not all be the same. 

The children have spent the last week learning about people who help us and different occupations. We have discussed which people help us, the children came up with some great ideas, saying our parents, teachers, police, fire fighter, builder and more. We talked about how they help us with different things. The children had fun dressing up in various costumes for people who help us and drew some wonderful pictures for our display.

We will be learning about Autumn to finish this half term, investigating the changes occurring outside. We will talk about what clothes do we need to wear to keep warm outside? We will be exploring Autumnal materials. such as acorns and pine cones and how we can mix coloured paint to create Autumn colours.