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Owls Class 2017-18

Autumn Term 2017

The children have all settled in extremely well and we are already well under way with our topic of Transport.  The children have already designed their own vehicle in Design Technology and we are now getting ready to start making them.  Watch this space for photos!  In music we are enjoying our Pentatonic Percussion with Mrs Hailes and in Religious Education we are thinking about what it means to belong to different groups.  

We are learning about changing the shape of materials in science, by squashing, squeezing, pushing, pulling, rolling and stretching.  We experimented with clay to make some animals.  We had great fun and some of our parents had the chance to see us at work as it was Open Day!


 In history we have learned how transport has changed over the years.   So in Design Technology we chose a vehicle to design, make and evaluate.  Here are some of our vehicles.


Owls Class 2016-17

Summer Term 2017

The children have been learning about the explorers Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus.  They have been looking at and comparing these two explorers, identifying the similarities and differences in them as people and in what they were famous for.  The children had a great time learning about different sculptures of the human form and made some of their own out of lego, pipecleaners and playdough.  The children also enjoyed growing their own runner beans this term, watching and recording them growing and changing.

Spring Term 2017 

We have been learning all about animals and their habitats.  We have learned about the things animals need to survive and what they need to live.  We have been learning about safari animals.   We really enjoyed our trip to Woburn Safari Park where we had the chance to see lots of animals.  The bird show was amazing and when we went into the classroom for a workshop we actually had the chance to touch animal skins and also to stroke a real snake!!


We have been thinking about traditional tales in literacy.  We have been learning about the features of these stories by listening to some traditional tales, thinking about the characters and the plot and planning some of our own.  To help us with our topic we enjoyed a drama day all about traditional tales where we had lots of fun with the Funky Fairy who came in to help us.


Autumn Term 2016

We have been learning all about place value in maths.  We have used lots of resources to help us like number cards, cubes and money.  We worked well with our partners and demonstrated some very important Values.  




In science we are learning all about materials.  We carried out an investigation into how the shape of some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, squeezing and twisting.


In Design Technology we have been designing and making our own vehicles.  We had lots of different ideas and had great fun using lots of different materials to make our vehicles.



In music we have been singing and learning to play some musical instruments.