Ladybirds Latest News

Spring Term

First Half-Term:

We were joined by three lovely new Ladybirds in January, which increased our numbers to twelve.

The Ladybirds enjoyed finding out about the weather. We learnt about snow, rain, wind, fog, rainbows and the seasons, enjoying many stories, songs and craft activities. We made some fantastic weather mobiles which look wonderful on display in our classroom.

Finding out about Chinese New Year was great fun. We enjoyed dancing in our fantastic lion costume and sharing a delicious Chinese New Year feast. We worked together to make tissue paper Chinese blossom trees and a dancing lion and a dancing dragon using paper cups, paints and ribbons; and lanterns. We painted numbers in Mandarin, decorated lions and dragons in ICT and coloured paper dragons. We loved learning how to count to ten in Mandarin and we addressed red money envelopes to someone we love. We hope that you like our Chinese New Year display as much as we do!

We have enjoyed finding out about France and have learnt how to greet each other at different times of the day. We will continue to practise our French after half-term.

We are continuing to cook our way through the alphabet and have now made jam tarts, chocolate krispies, muffins, noodles and omelettes.

We had great fun in PE and in dancing with Premier Sport and Premier Performing Arts respectively.

Watch this space for more information on what we have been doing in Ladybirds ... 

Autumn Term

Second Half-Term: 

We were joined by one new Ladybird, increasing our numbers to nine.

This half-term the Ladybirds have had great fun learning about ‘Fabulous Festivals’ and ‘Terrific Toys’! 

The Ladybirds enjoyed finding out about Bonfire Night, Poppy Day, Diwali, Eid al Fitr, Chanukah, Birthdays oh and Christmas of course!

Our work on the Gingerbread Man was super and we now know where lots of towns and cities are in this country and further afield - the Gingerbread Man travelled far and wide!

We have continued to 'cook our way through the alphabet' making golden granola, happy Diwali sweets and icicle biscuits. We hope you are given the occasional taste of the food we bring home with us!   

The Ladybirds really liked raising money for Children in Need and later helping to raise money for school funds by making wonderful Christmas decorations which were sold at our Christmas fair.

The Ladybirds’ Christmas celebrations were fantastic! They worked with the Caterpillars and Butterflies to produce some wonderful performances of our Christmas musical ‘A Little Bird Told Me’. Every performance was magical! The Ladybirds formed a lovely nativity tableau for our school nativity service at St. James' Church. Our fun morning with the Greenfield children when we watched ‘Magic Dave’ was a real highlight as were visits from Father Christmas and our Christmas party.

We really enjoyed continuing to learn some Spanish. 

First Half-Term:

We welcomed five new Ladybirds at the beginning of September. There are now eight lovely Ladybirds! We have really enjoyed getting to know the new Ladybirds and it has been wonderful to see how well they have settled in. This half-term we will be busily explored our topics 'Amazing Autumn' and 'Magical Me'.

We spent as much time as possible outside. We are so very lucky that we have such a great outdoor environment to explore and play in. The Ladybirds have worked hard in our garden and planted bulbs ready for the spring. Indoors, in our fantastic new classroom, the Ladybirds have particularly enjoyed playing in our doctors' surgery. Having so much space to explore and play in has been simply amazing!               

The Ladybirds' contribution to our Harvest Festival celebrations was fantastic and all the more so as we had such a short time in which to practise. We sang and acted beautifully!

The Ladybirds had great fun picking blackberries from our school field, which we used to make 'blackberry and banana' smoothies, which were tasty. We absolutely loved our blackberry moustaches! We liked making 'apple' crumble, which was delicious! We are cooking 'through the alphabet' and have also made 'cracker' faces', 'decorated dinosaurs', 'eggy' bread and 'fairy' cakes. We hope you are enjoying the food we bring home with us!  

The Ladybirds particularly enjoyed mixing and then finding autumn colours. They collected conkers, acorns and autumn-coloured leaves and really liked making and then flying spinners which replicated the tree spinners they found outside.

You may have noticed the hedgehogs which the Ladybirds made in many ways, using a variety of materials and demonstrating many different skills; they look wonderful!

We really enjoyed learning some Spanish.