Herons Latest News

Summer 2017

This term we will be learning about the Romans! We will be considering who they were, where they came from and the impact they had on the United Kingdom. We will also be developing our location and mapping skills: looking at the counties and cities within England.


Decorating Our Potatoes for the Flitton Potato Race.

We have decorated our potatoes and they look amazing! We planned our designs and then painted our potatoes. When they had dried we used lots of collage materials to make them come alive.  

Spring 2017

The Easter Service and Dance.

The Herons led the Easter Service and worked very hard to perfect our Easter dance. We enjoyed the responsibility and expressing ourselves very much!




We had an absolutely amazing time at Stibbington! We had an action packed, fun filled three days away. We were kept extremely busy with the following activities:

  • Went on a pirate treasure hunt around a lake using co-ordinates and compass point directions, this was quite tricky!
  • Measured trees by using our maths skills which was great fun!
  • Dissected Tawny owl pellets and identified what we found. This was an absorbing and fascinating activity!
  • Explored a forest. We looked at the plants, hunted for minibeasts, built a shelter for a hedgehog and learnt all about badgers while exploring their sett.
  • Made a leaf photogram.
  • Looked for tree souls and made a clay green man.

We were also responsible for setting up and clearing away in the 'Crunchy Carrot Café'. The food was delicious and plentiful! We kept our bedrooms tidy. We watched the movie 'Bugs Life' in our pyjamas which we loved! We had homework to do during the second evening and when we had finished we filled out our souvenir shopping list. We had hot chocolate and a snack every night. With a little prompting we remembered to brush our teeth before going to bed!

We all slept well to the amazement of our teachers! Some of us had to be woken up so we wouldn't miss breakfast!

We all had a brilliant time!

World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite character. Our costumes were super! We enjoyed sharing stories in the hall with the rest of the school.

World Book Day


We have been taught by Mrs Jaggers for our lessons recently. We are learning more notes and can play several pieces of music. Mrs Rawson is now back after her illness and we look forward to showing her our wonderful progress!


Rainforest Dance

We have been developing our dance skills with Miss Nash from Premier Sport. We choreographed our own routines to depict animals found in the rainforest. 

Our new topic is 'Rainforests'. We are looking forward to finding out lots of interesting and informative geographical facts.

Pneumatic Systems.

We had an exciting time exploring pneumatic systems using a variety of equipment! We were able to make things move and open using air! We worked incredibly well within our groups demonstrating excellent teamwork.



Autumn 2016

The Egyptian Nativity.

Wow! We were amazing in our Key Stage 2 production.


Egyptian Nativity

Ancient Egyptian Day

We thoroughly enjoyed our Ancient Egyptian day! We found out lots of fascinating facts and answered questions in a quiz. We played an Ancient Egyptian board game called 'The Hounds and the Jackals' and we loved watching a body being turned into a mummy!. Thank you so much to all of our parents for providing such super costumes.



Our value for October is 'Love'. We decided that love is the most important to enable us to live our values. We thought about all of the places we love, all of the things we love and most importantly all of the people we love. We thought long and hard about ourselves to decide who loves us and why. We have made paper and clay hearts for the values display in the main school entrance. Remember to have a look when you come to parents evening.

We love our friends!


We have conducted an experiment to sort rocks from hardest to softest. Our test had to be a fair one and we considered how we could do this. We used our findings to draw our conclusion.


Our second clarineo lesson was great fun! We all managed to put our instrument together and play the notes  G and E. We learnt that a crotchet is 1 beat and a minim is 2.




We are enjoying settling into our new classroom.

We know our topic this term is Egypt and we have considered what we might be finding out.

In Science we will be geologists as we are studying the 'Rocks and Soils' unit.

We are very excited as we have had our first clarineo lesson! We learnt the names of the parts and how we put them together. We also learnt some musical notation.  Next week we will try to blow them to create a sound and then we are allowed to bring them home to show our families!