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This term Dragonflies will be learning all about rainforests! We will be looking closely at where in the world rainforests are and why they grow here. Dragonflies will be investigating the type of vegetation and the different species of animals that can be found in the rainforests and how they survive here. We will be looking at the different layers of the rainforest and what can be found in each layer. We will look at the people that live in the rainforest and how their lives are different from ours. We will look at how humans are affecting the rainforest and what this means for the future and participating in a debate.

We will be looking at the famous artist Henri Rousseau and replicating and creating rainforest artwork! We will also be making our very own dart tree frog using various materials and then creating a home for them to live in.

Mr Nicholls will return this term to continue to teach us how to play the ukulele and we will be writing our own songs. Premier sport also return to teach us gymnastics alongside Premier Dance who will be teaching us a variety of dance techniques to enable us to create our own rainforest themed dance.

Keep watching this page for updates and photos of our experiences at school!



This term Dragonflies will be learning all about Ancient Egypt. We will be looking into the Ancient Egyptian way of life and finding out all about famous Egyptians from the past. Dragonflies will be investigating how the pyramids were made and even creating our own! We will be learning about mummification and beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians. We will be making our own Shadufs and baking our own Egyptian flat bread. We will be learning to use hieroglyphics and writing our own names!

Dragonflies will also be lucky enough to experience an Ancient Egyptian day at Greenfield where we will learn even more about the Ancient Egyptians from historians. We will also have a visit from a clay specialist who will help us create some replica Ancient Egyptian artefacts.

We are also lucky enough to have Mr Nicholls return this year and teach us how to play to Ukulele! We are very excited to learn how to strum and play songs using a variety of chords! Keep an eye out for dates for any concerts where we will be performing.

This term we will also be taking part in a Tag Rugby tournament with other schools in our local area. We are practising very hard in preparation for this competition. Watch this space for photos of our day!

We have had an excited term studying the Ancient Egyptians and have taken part in some fantastic learning opportunities. Dragonflies joined the Eagles and Herons for an Egyptian day this half term where we had a special visitor in to tell us all he knew about the Ancient Egyptians, he brought along artefacts from Ancient Egypt itself and even mummified a body in front of us! We had a fantastic day and below are some photographs to show it!



Egyptian Day


Dragonflies are very excited that it is nearly Christmas! We joined up with the Eagles and went to experience a Barn Nativity this week. It was a fantastic experience, listening to and taking part in the nativity story including a real life donkey!! Thank you to Jo-Ann Gaunt for organising the event and making this trip such a special one.