Kestrels and Kites

Kestrels and Kites Class is a mixed Year 3 & 4 class. They are taught by Ms Redwood-Worthy assisted by Mrs Mafoh and Mrs Herd. As the Kestrels and Kites are the oldest class, they take on various responsibilities around the school. These include setting up our assemblies and taking charge of the music; looking after the school library; as chair monitors, helping the younger children at lunchtime; and taking leading roles in the Student Parliament, Eco-Committee and Young Leaders.


We work together as a class to ensure we work to the best of our ability by nurturing, inspiring and flourishing together. This includes having a growth mindset, whilst upholding the school values. The children's confidence and independence extremely important in Years 3 and 4 and the children will take ownership of their equipment, reading and homework requirements. 


Children from the Kestrels and Kites class are responsible for the Harvest, Christmas and Easter performances. Additionally during the May Day celebrations two Year 4 children will be crowned May King and Queen. In the summer term they will stage their leavers assembly. 


To enrich your child's learning the Key Stage 2 academy staff will be organising and facilitating day and residential trips throughout the academic year. There will also be many sporting festivals on top of this, and the children will be given many opportunities to improve their life skills, team work and participate in new experiences.


We have strong links with Arnold Academy and work closely with them to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible and that the children are relaxed and confident about moving on. This includes a Year 4 Values day.  


In Kestrels and Kites our aim is to work hard and make lots of progress, whilst having fun and living to the school values. 

Latest news!   

The move up days for Year 3 &4 were very successful and all the children enjoyed their first step in to next step on their educational journey. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents and adult support I have received this year. Thank you for all your support at home and in school we have been able to enjoy educational trips, walks, litter picking, swimming, reading and much more! 

Please remember the importance of reading over the Summer Holiday. I look forward to hearing all about your adventures and experiences in September. 

Ms Redwood-Worthy

September 2018 - What a start the Kestrels and Kites have returned to school with such enthusiasm and extremely focused outlook on their learning. I am truly looking forward to watching you all nurture your talents, inspire each other and flourish into independent and amazing learners.  

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